Metal capping / aluminum cladding installation Saskatoon

Most new homes are built with windows and doors that have PVC or aluminum frames. This is the most durable solution currently available for new construction. Many older homes have wooden framed windows and doors that have been subjected to harsh Saskatchewan climate for years. Wood tends to dry out and rot after years of repeat exposure to the elements. When this happens, there are only two options: replace the windows and doors, or cap the frames with aluminum cladding—the more affordable option.

We specialize in aluminum cladding.

Metal cladding, also known as metal capping, is a process where we use a brake to bend and fabricate aluminum pieces to custom fit over existing wooden frames. The cost of aluminum capping is a fraction of the cost of new windows and doors, and can typically be done in a couple days with little interruption or noise. The pieces are fitted, secured with rivets and finishing nails and then siliconed for weather-proofing.

We have installed aluminum cladding in Saskatoon, and central Sask, to cover window frames, door frames, overhead garage door frames, pillars, build-outs, beams, oversized fascia boards, roof eyebrows, and more.

You’ll be shocked how quickly the exterior of your home is improved by capping your old wooden frames. Best of all, because cladding is fabricated out of aluminum, it is durable, low maintenance and is available in the same standard colours (over 24) that soffits, fascia and eavestroughs come in.

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