Exterior trim pillars & columns installation

To make your house a home, you want to add your own style to it. In the past, making a home stand out required using wood for trim and accents. Seeing the need for a weather-resistant product, the industry began to see PVC, aluminum and cement fibre products popping up. Today almost every exterior trim and accent piece for your home is made from a weather resistant product.

Weather resistant trim boards and accent pieces means no rotting wood with fading and chipping paint. When we install trim boards and decorative accent pieces on Saskatoon and area homes, we want them to look as good in ten years as the day they are installed. That’s why we choose only the best weather resistant and stylish exterior products available.

Choose from trim boards, shutters, column wraps, corners, attic vents, window sills, colonial and victorian trims, and more. Whether your want to maintain the original look of your victorian home or build a new craftsman home, we can ensure you find the style you are looking for.

Available in standard colours to match your siding or soffit and fascia.

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